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LeanSwift is a global leader in eCommerce and Mobile solutions for Infor customers in Fashion, Distribution, Food & Beverage and Manufacturing.

We make our Customers more profitable by streamlining processes, enhance operational performance and provide fit-for-purpose solutions.  Our Team of Consultants have had the privilege of working on a variety of projects all over the World. With their experience and 20 years in the field, they are Experts and come highly recommended.  The core of our business is to provide Business Solutions and Technical Services for the Infor M3. We also provide market leading best of breed solutions to enhance the ROI of Infor M3.

LeanSwift is growing and the key to our expansion is following our core values. The most important one is that LeanSwift is operating with a long term goal. To be successful long term we are more than a supplier, we are partnering with our customers.
LeanSwift  core  values


Customer Focus

  • Our customers’ win is our win

On time, on budget and as per specification is a good start – but only, if the specifications were right to begin with. We take pride in being a trusted advisor, helping our customers choose the right solution, and ensuring that we succeed by making them succeed.

  • Committed to delivering value

The real value of our solutions and services directly depends on the final outcome for our customers. We always think about the complete solution and are committed to help our customers grow and improve.

  • Build long-term partnerships

We think and act long-term; prepared to go that extra mile to bridge gaps and build strong, long-lasting relationships with our customers.



  • Demonstrate the highest standards in trust and accountability

We trust our colleagues, customers and partners. We expect them to trust us and give them every reason to do so.

  • Honest and transparent in all our actions

We have the courage to be open and honest at all times and take personal responsibility for all our actions.

  • Respect everyone without exception

We respect everyone regardless of background, education, race, religion, political opinion etc. Respect and be respected, that’s us.


Passion & Joy

  • Enjoy creating awesome solutions

We are Creators of better solutions and Enablers of better businesses. Let’s enjoy and take pride in our work.

  • It isn’t work, but a way of life

We are remarkably lovable, we work & we play hard, we aspire & we achieve. We enjoy what we do and believe that what we do is a joyful part of life.

  • Fun-loving, spirited, positive

A positive spirit is contagious. Smile, laugh and pass the spirit on to colleagues and customers.


Team Work

  • The Team > Self, always

We are all part of a single team. We support our team members. We expect and request help from the team. We never leave a team member behind.

  • Educate, share, inspire and empower

Life is a journey of learning. We seek new knowledge and skills. We educate everyone around us and enjoy sharing.

  • Believe in the power of collaboration

Everyone in the team is just a message, a mail or a call away. We collaborate to successfully harness the power of the team.

LeanSwift Locations:

We have several Offices around the World and our Corporate Office is located on the beautiful Space Coast of Florida, USA.

LeanSwift Map

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