eFillment – Fulfillment by Amazon for Infor M3

LeanSwift eFillment for Infor M3 bridges the gap between M3 and Amazon for inventory replenishment by automating Fulfillment by Amazon.

eFillment consolidates information for greater supply chain visibility and efficiency to increase productivity and accuracy through automation. When products are purchased on Amazon, eFillment is notified. When the inventory in Amazon drops, eFillment works with M3 to generate approval and ship more inventory to the correct Amazon fulfillment center.

-Easy installation and no need for any additional third party products
-Reduce manual work by automating Fulfillment by Amazon
-Take full advantage of selling products on Amazon
-Offering backed by LeanSwift’s wealth of knowledge within the Infor M3 space
-Standard product with maintenance guarantees compatibility with future versions of Fulfillment by Amazon and Infor M3

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