SectraSectra provides industry-leading radiology IT, orthopaedic, osteoporosis and rheumatology solutions. A leading Sectra product is a visualization table that enables.

  • preparation for advanced surgery
  • improved medical education
  • support for treatment strategies in sports medicine
  • virtual autopsies

The visualization table is a device that can be loaded with content to support surgery, education, strategies and autopsies. To deliver the Sectra needed an eCommece solution that supports requesting, authorizing and downloading the visualizations.



The eCommerce business model includes a membership with different levels. A student, department member etc. can request a specific surgery or other visualization. A hospital or university manager can approve the request and the visualization can then be downloaded to the visualization table. The eCommerce solution must support the membership management and distribution of down loadable products.



Magento supports downloadable products, user maintenance, checkout process etc. In this solution LeanSwift delivered a membership module and customized the check-out process to include an authorization step for management before enabling the download. The project has been a successful joint project where Sectra delivered all content and LeanSwift the functionality, using the Magento platform.

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