Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 4.26.18 PMPropper was founded in 1967 by William T. Propper, an entrepreneur with a passion for manufacturing.

Hard work is the focus of the company in more than one way; their dedicated employees ensure that the gear made by Propper can withstand whatever test a customer will put it to. Men and women in law enforcement, public safety, and the military use the designs that are known to hold the highest quality. Propper has many contracts with government agencies, but their equipment can also be bought from one of their many retailers.



Looking to bridge the gap between Magento and M3, Propper needed a solution that would provide the most seamless connection between the front of their web shop and Infor M3. They were looking for an off-the-shelf product that could answer to all their needs without making changes through modifications.

It was vital to eliminate the fear of loosing information between Magento and Infor M3, and to find a system that would help them save time on daily business processes.



LeanSwift’s eConnect solution was the perfect fit for all of Propper’s needs. The installation of eConnect provided a standardized way to ensure flawless communication between Magento and M3, so that information such as inventory and pricing is updated in real-time and available in Propper’s webshop. No information will ever be lost between the two programs.

Without the use of any other software, eConnect helped optimize order flow customization to help system processes and thereby cause significant time savings for Propper.

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