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Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 4.09.50 PMCGR Product was founded in North Carolina as the Carolina Gasket and Rubber Company.

With huge manufacturing capabilities, CGR Products is able to offer an array of converting services and supply OEM and MRO products to multiple markets such as the automotive, appliance, electrical, marine, power tool, military and government contractors. 125 employees are spread over three different states, and the company houses over 140,000 square feet of manufacturing, office, and warehouse space. With over 50 years experience behind them, CGR have become experts in every field they are involved in and achieved the highest ratings.



With their previous system, CGR employees spent a lot of time and manual effort updating the inventory. A process that involved the inevitable aspect of human error could benefit from becoming more automated in order to improve accuracy of supply and save time.

As CGR deals with inventory in different locations, the solution had to be vendor managed and portable. With these things in mind, the most practical answer for a quicker process was the use of a mobile app, built by LeanSwift to fit the specific needs of CGR products.



The LeanSwift mobile app was able to significantly speed up the inventory process at CGR, cutting time at each vendor by half. The process became automated to a much higher degree, which meant that occasional human error was completely eliminated.

Information is now sent directly by entering the order for replenishment though the application, and the order gets registered directly. This effectively solved the problem of inventory taken by the end of the day not being processed until the following business day. Overall, CGR products experienced a much faster and smoother inventory process thanks to their customized mobile app.

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