Alternative Apparel

Alternative_Lockup_StackedA company based in California and Georgia, Alternative Apparel prides itself on a sustainable approach to fashion.

They emphasize the use of organic fabrics and fair working conditions for those who produce their clothes. Designs are commonly simpler, with a focus on comfort and quality. As a business, Alternative Apparel believes that it is their responsibility to install practices that respect people and the planet, so they establish these values throughout all levels of their organization.



To access new features and eliminate modifications, Alternative Apparel wanted to upgrade their version of M3 from 7.1 to 13.2. They were interested in the many new features in 13.2 such as mash-ups and bulk orders. In addition, their previous modifications, in combination with the 7.1 program not being supported by Infor, made maintenance of their system more troublesome than necessary. Moving the managing of services away from the premise seemed like the best solution for the company, as it would eliminate any concerns about upkeep and lower the total cost of ownership.



Alternative Apparel choose LeanSwift to help them with their upgrade, and this allowed them to experience a smooth transition between versions. The transfer of business intelligence and ecommerce system from 7.1 to 13.2 was made effective by LeanSwift’s experienced consultants; and most significantly, 75% of the modifications they required in 7.1 were completely eliminated with the new system. While 7.1 was not supported by Infor, 13.2 allows Alternative Apparel to utilize Infor Cloud, which makes Infor is responsible for maintenance, a solution that is cost cutting and trouble free. The 200 users of the system agree that they now work in a much more stable environment with faster response times.

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